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Anyone wanting to be more thrifty should have Amy Dacyczyns books. Whether you use just a few of her great tips or make her books your second daily bible, they are must haves! So many tips and ideas, the books are worth their weight in gold. Click on any one of them to find out more or get one right away.

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If you have a question about saving money, organizing, kids crafts, or any other topic on my pages that wasn't answered here, stop at my message board and ask. Maybe you have a dilema about how to store some particular items and don't know what to try. How about trying The 'Ask Michelle' Message Board? I'm here to help!

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O.K., I admit it. I am frugal! I wouldn't say I'm cheap because I love to donate money to things I believe in, give gifts, do the angel trees at Christmas, and I like quality. No, I LOVE QUALITY. I don't buy junk. But I don't throw it away when I can get it for less and I do live above my means because I have learned how...WITHOUT credit!

Yes, without credit. For instance, I could never afford beautiful living room sets from Broyhill™ or Thomasville™ on our income without credit card debt. And I DON'T like credit card debt. But guess what I have? Beautiful Broyhill™ furniture. And I paid $35.00 for the sectional sofa. Oh, and I admit it didn't end there. I bought top of the line upholstery fabric to make it over into the 90's. A fortune? Nope, I wait for the 50% off sale. No small bananas when you're talking re-upholstering. I put $150 more dollars into it with the fabric. All and all, my Broyhill™ furniture cost me $185.00. Would you know it if you saw it? Absolutely not!

That is the kind of stuff I plan to show you here. The extras, beyond the coupons, how to live well on a pretty bad pay Of course we'll include how to do coupons correctly too!

So now you are going...'I can't re-upholster furniture! Is she nuts?' My answer...'That is because we aren't done yet!' I couldn't either when I bought the first chair and couch. And I've never taken a sewing class, so don't run away yet. It only sounds scary.

  • Sorry, but you MUST do the coupons! We'll get to the proper way to use them for saving BIG in here somewhere.Click here for coupon savings.

  • Garage Sales. No, I'm not talking the 5 and Dime stuff. We are going for the GOOD STUFF! We decide what we really need and we look for it until we find it. Sometimes ALL summer. Click here for garage sale tips.

  • Grandma's! Yep, grandma's. Do you realize how much great stuff they collected all those years and threw in the attic? I'm talking craft supplies, fabric, antique tables, linens of a quality you can't buy anymore. Well what kind of condition is it in? Come on it's your grandma, she irons underwear remember? Click here for fun with grandma's stuff.

  • Bartering. My husband brought home two different computers, and got us a few nights on the town with bartering just to give some bigger and smaller examples. It benefits everyone involved. Click here for bartering hints and how to get started.

  • Thrift shops are one of the best places to find bargains. Did you know that many stores send over clothes that didn't sell when a season changes? Tags included! Click here for the thrift shopping tips.

  • Art on the walls? There is nothing more beautiful than a professionally matted and framed picture...that your child drew. Let's go decorate on a budget.

  • Used, Used, Used! My gosh, I don't even notice my boat is used. It hasn't given us one problem. On the other hand I know alot of people with brand new boats. Brand new boats in the shop. Mine is on the lake.

  • Friends, sisters, aunts, cousins. My sisters buy clothes and send them to me with the tags still on them! Why I don't know. But I have never said no to used clothes and I'm not shy about women send me EVERYTHING! I go through it and keep the good stuff. I still get to pick and choose because I let people know I 'don't mind' and it comes by the bag full.

  • Kids clothes? O.K. I admit to splurging here. They're my kids. But play in the sandbox clothes? Used. They outgrow them anyway.

  • Flea markets will give it to you at the price you name if you walk far enough away to make them have to jog to catch up to you.
  • Get even more tips at About.Com Frugal Living

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