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If you have a question about saving money, organizing, kids crafts, or any other topic on my pages that wasn't answered here, stop at my message board and ask. Maybe you have a dilema about how to store some particular items and don't know what to try. How about trying The 'Ask Michelle' Message Board? I'm here to help!

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Bartering Tips

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Certain extras just can't be put in the budget, so what do you do if you really, really want them? Barter for them.

To start this page should be dedicated to my husband who is the King of bartering in this house. He has always been able to get us the things we really want but couldn't afford otherwise by bartering. Jay is a Jack of all trades and can do everything from plumbing to electrical work to house painting. He is also very good at it.

Here are a few tips to get you started. You of course can go bigger if you want!

Figure out what talents you have that you may be able to barter for something in return. Can you sew? If you can sew, offer to hem slacks or make halloween costumes? Are you good with kids? Many families really need someone to watch their kids while they have a night out alone. Can you decorate cakes? Offer to take the load off someones time or wallet for their next party. What about painting, weeding, grass cutting, dog washing, cleaning, cooking a few meals, or errand running? These are just some examples, everyone is good at something.

Decide what kind of time you have to to do the extra work if you choose to barter services such as the above mentioned. Painting someones porch may take a weekend. Can you give that kind of time? Is it worth it for what you are bartering? Decide how long you will offer a service such as errand running for each barter and its own worth and see if that fits into your schedule. Will you be able to finish what you start? Take these things into consideration.

Think of items you have to offer for trade. Maybe you are a great gardener but always have way too much and it rots if you don't give it away. The lady next door thats babysits could really use the fruits and vegetables for lunches and snacks. How convienent if you need a sitter on Wednesdays and Fridays. Many of us have something extra to give. What about firewood? Did you just chop down all those dead trees on your property? Or left over 2 by 4's from your last remodeling project? Just redecorated? What are you doing with the furniture, and the curtains? Think over what items you may have some 'extra' of.

Keep your ears and eyes open! You don't know what others need and what others are offering if you don't listen to the people around you. Mr. Jones put his computer from last year up for sale and needs firewood. You do not know this if you didn't listen to Suzy Q. gossip over the fence about how he buys a new computer every year and that their yard looks much bigger now without the wood pile.

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