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The Traditional Moms Re-Upholstering Instructions

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Things You Will Need
Some Items Are Always,Some Depend On Furniture

I will do my best to explain this without being able to show you personally. I will also add pictures as soon as I can. Please realize it isn't hard (except for the removing of staples). I did it my first time with NO instructions so don't be afraid to try it. You'll get it as you go along. I've made this page printer friendly so feel free to print it out.

Step 1 If the cushions are zippered, simply unzip and remove cover from cushion. Use a seam ripper to remove the zipper (save the zipper as they are expensive, we will use it for our new cover). Continue to use the seam ripper to take apart the cusion cover until there are no pieces left sewn together.

Step 2 Use the old cover that is taken apart as your pattern for cutting the new fabric. Set the old fabric on the new fabric, pin on all sides and cut around it.

Step 3 Sew pieces together in the opposite order that they were taken apart. Usually the zipper goes between two long strips of fabric first. If you have one long piece that covers the top and bottom of the cusion, you would sew this to long strips after strips have been sewn to zipper. Last would would be the sides of the cushion. Don't forget to always use pins when sewing pieces together and to use the same seam allowance as original upholstery had (usually the standard 5/8 inch).
If the top and bottom are seperate pieces with strips that surround the sides of the cushion, you will sew zipper to back strips first and set aside. Now sew side and front strips to top and bottom of cover. Lastly add your zipper section.

Step 4 Return to piece of furniture and use staple remover (should come with staple gun) to remove fabric from the furniture. Sometimes it is neccessary to remove legs or feet first with a screwdriver. Start removing fabric where it easiest to see where it was stapled on first. Usually this is a long piece hammered to the back. Go on from there saving all screws and tacking strips (only throw away staples). When all fabric is removed, go to step 5.

Step 5 Use seam ripper to take apart any sewn together pieces. Keep those pieces together so you don't forget what goes where. Place all pieces on new fabric again, pin, and cut (keep those pieces together).

Step 6 Sew any pieces together that were sewn on the old upholstery. Don't forget to pin and use appropriate seam allowances.

Step 7 Start restapling new upholstery to the furniture in the opposite order that you took it off (last thing you removed is put back first). Hammer down any staples that don't go all the way in or remove and replace.

Step 8 Return any legs and feet to their places, throw on cushion(s).

Step 9 Sit, put feet up, rest. You're done!

Tip: Use any extra fabric for throw pillows, tie backs, napkins, or other fun things.