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If you have a question about saving money, organizing, kids crafts, or any other topic on my pages that wasn't answered here, stop at my message board and ask. Maybe you have a dilema about how to store some particular items and don't know what to try. How about trying The 'Ask Michelle' Message Board? I'm here to help!

The Traditional Moms
One Cent Worth

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[My One Cent Worth]

I call it my one cent because I wouldn't pay 2 cents (that would be full price)!

This page is for some odds and ends for saving money that don't really belong on any of the other pages. The opinons I express here also tend to differ from other 'tightwads', hence my one cent worth.

Designer Clothes and Name Brands Many tightwad books, newsletters, etc. will give opinions that say designer clothes and name brands are too expensive and should basically be avoided. HAH!
For example, the three year tennis shoe plan that one author uses... She pays ten or twenty bucks (obviously cheaper, generic, etc.) for a pair of sneakers each year. The new pair is worn when she goes somewhere or has company, last years are worn during the daily home routine, and the previous years are for yard work and painting. Hmm, let's say they are all only ten dollar shoes. I'm 27 years old so for me that would add up to $90.00 since I have been on my own. $180.00 if they were twenty dollar shoes. I on the other hand by only name brand shoes. I have bought two pairs of tennis shoes for myself since I have been an adult. The first pair were K-Swiss and lasted until last summer. They are now my grass cutting and painting shoes. The pair I have now are Adidas and have many years ahaed of them. The name brand shoes are leather which lasts longer, looks better, and is better for your pretty little feet! I have spent $60.00 (on sale) on tennis shoes in all those years. You would not be able to tell if I have had my name brand shoes for one week or five years. They last!

The Wrapping Paper Question If I see one more time that you should tape all the little scraps you have together before buying a new roll, I'm gonna scream! How expensive is scotch tape? Aghaa! You could have bought two new rolls for the cost of that tape.

What's With This Aluminum Foil Washing Business? Oh please! Do yourself a favor and spend the money on the Tupperware™. Yes, it's costly at first, but worth its weight in gold. It's easier for the family to find the left overs (they are slightly lazier about this stuff than you) and all that food won't go to waste. It is also guaranteed forever! A lid shrinks? Call a distributor and get it replaced. (No, I am not a distributor).
The only thing I use aluminum foil for is to seperate the meat I buy in bulk. It should not be re-used after that. There is no reason to be washing the foil. It probably costs more in dishsoap and water than it was worth anyway.

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