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The crafts you will find here are going to be the quick, easy, and stuff laying around the house type of crafts. I get those days once in a while when I hear 'Mom, we are soooooo bored!' all day long. We don't always have a prepared project lying around, so I've learned to come up with projects that can be done with stuff most of us have lying around. I will add to the list as often as I can. Stop by as soon as the kids start chanting the familiar 'We are sooooo bored' and grab a project.

Hanger Mobiles
5-7 Years Old

One Wire Hanger For Each Mobile
Ribbons, Lace, or Other Similiar Items
Cookie Cutters
Thin Cardboard (An Old Cereal Box Always Works)

Bend the hook on the hanger into a circle or oval so it isn't quite so sharp anymore. Bend the rest of the hanger in any way you can (please do this part yourself), just make free form 'sgigglys'. Trace cookie cutter shapes on to the cardboard and cut the shapes out for the kids. Now have the kids trace those shapes on to the felt. Use a hole punch or scissors to make a hole close to the top of each felt shape. Use ribbons, lace, pastic eyes if you have some and broom bristles for whiskers if they have animal shapes, glitter, and other stuff lying around to decorate them. Have them do both sides. Cut the yarn in different lengths (between 6 and 18 inches). Tie one side of the yarn to the shapes and the other to different curves on the hanger. Hang...

These can be done with a theme in mind for different holidays. Decorate felt egg shapes at Easter and tie yarn with bows. At Christmas time they can make Christmas trees, snowmen, angles, snowflakes, and more. Use thick tinsel or curling ribbon for gift wrapping to tie. You could even pre-spay paint the hangers if you really wanted to get involved.

Magnet Fishing
3-6 Years Old

Construction Paper
Poster Board (or old cereal box)
Heavy Duty Magnet
Paper Clips
Tape or Glue
3-4 Foot Long Stick Or Dowel
1 Yard Yarn Or String

Tie the magnet tightly to one end of the string and the dowel to the other end. Cut the outline of a fish from the poster board and have the kids trace it onto the construction paper and cut them out. Glue or tape a paper clip to each 'fish'. Place them paper clip side down all over the floor. Have the child/children sit in a chair holding the fishing pole and see how many fish they can catch. (Magnet usually needs to make direct contact with paper fish).

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